The registration process in schools and colleges


Choosing the right one to continue your education is an important decision that will significantly impact your life. We understand that enrollment in overseas schools and colleges can be unfamiliar to you, so our colleagues will help you through the entire process from start to finish by using your academic information.

Complete the Peyvand institution application form online

We have a comprehensive approach to getting you enrolled in different schools. In this way, we consider your academic grades, interests, educational goals, and career.

Your answer will help us get the right idea of what you intend to do and assist you in the best possible way.

You will be asked for the following documents and information to complete the application form:

  • The transcript of the applicant’s last academic year (for example: if you are currently in the seventh grade, you must upload your transcript of the sixth year)
  • Scanning the applicant’s passport (valid for more than two years)

Application Form

Peyvand Institute consultants contact you

In the application form, you specify all the necessary items, including language level, course objectives, tuition, and field of study. Our counselors will arrange a counseling session with you to ensure that you choose the right school for your situation.

To begin the school enrollment process, you must pay a 500 deposit to the institution.

Please pay the deposit by clicking the button below.

Request a deposit invoice

Foreign language test

This test is not official and will be done only to determine the level of students’ proficiency. It includes an online test and 10 minutes of conversation with one of our counselors to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and offer you the best course and training level. Therefore, it is better to consider that the counselors will take this test via Skype.

Online enrolment

We have made it easy for you by dividing the registration process from admission to document collection and obtaining a visa. We will gather the necessary documents to register and obtain a permit when you are admitted to the school of your choice. Also, we will arrange an embassy appointment for your student visa.

To enter the online registration section, you need a login password, which we will send you after the language test.

Online registration

Ticket reservation, airport transfer, Introducing the school

Once you get your visa and book your plane ticket, all the steps will be straightforward. Peyvand institute will make all the school arrangements and prepare your child to leave the country.

If you want to use the services of our institution, we will be with your child at all stages; Your child meets one of our counselors at the airport who transfers him or her to school.


Introducing the school

When you enter the school, the Peyvand team provides a complete list of all classes and school facilities to help you become more familiar with your school environment. We will also introduce you to other Iranian students not to feel alone in the first few weeks. In this case, you can learn more about school rules, such as meal times, sports facilities, and more.
Our colleagues will support your children once they arrive and even after that to settle perfectly in school. They also will enjoy the support of our counselors during their studies.

Pictures of welcoming the Peyvand institute students

علیرضا Claremont علیرضا
دانیال حسامی buckswood دانیال حسامی
امیر حسن Queen Ethelburga امیر حسن
آرسام Buckswood آرسام
دانا وحدت Buckswood دانا وحدت
شیوا Abbey College شیوا
مانوشا Abbey College مانوشا
هانی نورزاد Claremont هانی نورزاد
کسری Queen Ethelburga کسری
پارمیدا Queen Ethelburga پارمیدا
سلیم Queen Ethelburga سلیم
سروش Queen Ethelburga سروش
پویا Claremont پویا
مهدیار Claremont مهدیار
سعید و سهیل bishopstrow سعید و سهیل
مانلی Abbey College مانلی
محمد مهدی Claremont محمد مهدی
سینا Claremont سینا
ساجده buckswood ساجده
هومن DLD هومن
سپهر buckswood سپهر
آیلار Buckswood آیلار
مازیار Buckswood مازیار
صدرا و سارینا Queen Ethelburga صدرا و سارینا
امیرعلی Buckswood امیرعلی
محمد Buckswood محمد
 محمد حسین Claremont محمد حسین
امیر حسین Buckswood امیر حسین
نهال Buckswood نهال
النا Buckswood النا
پوریا Buckswood پوریا
ملیکا Queen Ethelburga ملیکا
فربد DLD فربد
نگین دهقان Buckswood نگین دهقان
آرین DLD آرین
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