Boarding Schools

What is a boarding school?

Boarding schools are those where students not only study but also live and work. These schools have accommodation facilities for children and adolescents under 18 and provide a safe and law-abiding environment for them to accommodate. These schools provide people with an excellent level of education and help them develop their skills and prepare for college. All boarding schools must comply with the government’s strict rules and standards regarding students’ quality of teaching, facilities, and welfare. The population of these schools is made up of students from different countries, including the destination country itself. Upon entering these schools, international students are raised in a purely English-speaking environment and become fluent in English, contributing to their university success or workplace success. These schools offer comprehensive and complete educational programs to their students. At the end of the course, they are awarded valid international certificates. For more information, you can refer to studying in UK schools.

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Benefits of attending boarding schools

Boarding schools with educational, artistic, and sports facilities and employing experienced and specialized teachers are excellent and reliable places for students to study. By attending these schools, they strive for admission to prestigious universities worldwide, take courses related to various occupations and prepare to enter the job market. The multinational environment of these schools allows students to become acquainted with different religions, cultures, and beliefs and teaches them to understand and respect differences. By studying in boarding schools, students can continue their education in an international and academic environment. They also learn social skills, responsibility, and respect for the rights of others in these schools.

Courses in boarding schools

Boarding schools offer prestigious international courses, and certificates awarded to students at the end of each period are recognized by universities, colleges, and employers worldwide. These courses include various methods such as mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, literature, theater, information technology, and foreign languages.

Accommodation or dormitory in boarding schools

Boarding school students will stay in the dormitories of these schools. These schools are separate dormitories for boys and girls, and each dormitory has an administrator or supervisor. Students are usually accommodated in rooms for 2 to 4 people, but most girls and boys over 15 will stay in their rooms. Each of the students living in the standard rooms has a private space and a personal locker to put their belongings. Most dormitories have shared living rooms where students can spend their free time together. There is also a tiny kitchen in many dormitories for students to use to prepare their snacks.

Art and sports in boarding schools

Boarding schools attach great importance to music, art, theater, sports, the art of expression skills, and the ability to speak. They try to provide a platform for the emergence and growth of their students' talents and skills by offering various programs holding various associations. Increase them. Students at these schools are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities before them, thereby enhancing their creativity and communication skills, leadership, and teamwork. Because student happiness is essential, most dormitories also offer a wide range of arts, sports, and recreational activities after school and on weekends.

Food services in boarding schools

Because good nutrition is essential for happiness and health, boarding schools do their best to provide healthy and tasty food. The students of these schools enjoy cooked food, toast, cereals, puree, fruit, eggs, milk, and dairy for their breakfast. The lunch program includes a wide range of hot and cold dishes, salads and vegetables, vegetarian food, various desserts, and fresh fruit. The dinner program consists of hot meals, vegetarian food, salads, attractive desserts, and fresh fruits. Suppose a student is requesting halal food or is allergic to a particular food. In that case, they can discuss the matter with school officials and receive food following the diet.

Medical services in boarding schools

Boarding schools have a resident medical center and nurse. If necessary, the authorities make arrangements to use a general practitioner, dentist, and other specialists. Many school staff is also familiar with first aid skills.

Tuition fees in UK boarding schools

The cost of attending boarding schools varies according to the country and school, and each school has its unique tuition.

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