If you are interested in studying abroad, you certainly have different questions about the admission of schools, colleges, and universities in your mind. Various conditions and documents are required to obtain access in each age group, depending on the country you choose. Peyvand institute has provided full support for those interested in middle school, high school, pre-university, and university.
We review the conditions and documents required to obtain admission for 8 to 13 years old children in the United Kingdom on this page.

Registration - Visa
1. Complete the application form online 2. A counseling session with one of Peyvand's counselors 3. English language test 4. Online registration 5. Ticket reservation, airport transfer, school introduction
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  • Pre-university in the UK are courses for preparing candidates to enter a UK undergraduate university. These courses are held in two forms, one in the colleges and the other in UK universities. Due to differences in the education systems of each country, applicants wishing to pursue undergraduate study at UK universities must attend a pre-university course. In addition, they must have the academic and English language skills to qualify for UK universities and apply for high-ranking universities.
    During the pre-university courses in the UK, applicants will gain a broad understanding of UK universities’ quality and education system. In addition, the colleges and universities that offer these courses allow students to attend university seminars and learn more about the professors, the methods, the facilities of the universities, and admission requirements.
    The pre-university courses in the UK are held twice a year, in mid-September and January. To apply for one of these courses, applicants must begin the registration process three months before it begins. In addition, they have to provide the institute’s educational advisors the necessary documents to apply for admission to the appropriate course from the chosen college.
    In general, applicants can enroll in 4 pre-university courses in the arts, engineering, management, and medical sciences in the UK, depending on their interests.
    Having a diploma is necessary for participating in these courses. You must also provide the university with evidence of a good level of intelligence and motivation statement. In addition, your English language skills must be at a certain level to attend classes for participating in this course.
    To obtain a visa from the British Embassy, you need to get an IELTS Academic Certificate received from the UKVI Institutes. Note that another language certificate will not be acceptable to the UK Government.

  • You must obtain at least 70% of your GPA in the final grade.

Required Documents

  • Diploma
  • Scanning the applicant’s passport (valid for more than two years)
  • Parental consent
  • Photo
  • Financial ability to pay full college/university tuition
  • IELTS certificate

    Each field and university in the UK has its requirements. Therefore after completing the application form to continue your studies in the UK, our partners will contact you to provide more information.

What is IELTS?

The IELTS test is the most prestigious international English language test for immigration, work, and university education in English-speaking countries. The test assesses all English skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). It is designed to reflect the everyday use of language in education, work, and life. IELTS stands for International English Language Assessment System, which three institutions jointly administer: the British Consulate, Cambridge, and Australia. The exam is currently held in more than 800 centers and 130 countries. More than 1.7 million exams are taken from applicants each year. In Iran, the IELTS test is maintained by various centers. The most reputable institution for registering for the IELTS test in Iran is Irsafam. This test is designed to measure applicants' information at different levels of English. It assigns scores to applicants according to the IELTS standard. In this test, the applicants' ability to hear, speak, write and read is measured in four separate sections. The IELTS test is available in two types: General and Academic. Note that you must register for this exam's "academic" type to apply and be accepted. The general style of test is usually chosen by those who are applying for immigration.

What is the A-level course?

A-level is a two-year course equivalent to a pre-university system in Iran. Individuals wishing to pursue a pre-university route in the UK must take an entrance examination after passing the course and, if accepted, enter a UK university. This course is required for students who intend to study medicine or dentistry.

What is the Foundation course?

The foundation course is a one-year course offered by colleges or universities. This course is equivalent to a pre-university system in Iran. Those who wish to study pharmacy, business and management, art and design, law and humanities, computer science, and engineering must pass this course. Graduates of this course do not need to pass the entrance exam to enter UK universities. Instead, they will enter UK universities directly regardless of the grade obtained. Also, people who study in this course will be allowed to work 10 hours a week. The minimum age for this course is 17 years, and the student must have a diploma. Students who have not yet received a certificate must complete a one-year GCSA course instead of a certification.

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