If you are interested in studying abroad, you certainly have different questions about the admission of schools, colleges, and universities in your mind. Various conditions and documents are required to obtain access in each age group, depending on the country you choose. Peyvand institute has provided full support for those interested in studying in middle school, high school, pre-university, and university.
On this page, we review the conditions and documents required to obtain admission for 14 to 17 years old children in the United Kingdom.

Registration - Visa
1. Complete the application form online 2. A counseling session with one of Peyvand's counselors 3. English language test 4. Online registration 5. Ticket reservation, airport transfer, school introduction
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  • تصویر دانش آموز
  • تصویر دانش آموز
  • تصویر دانش آموز


  • Obtain at least 70% of GPA in the final grade.
    (For example, if you study in Iranian schools, you must have a GPA of at least 14)
  • Know the English language.
    (If your language level is poor, you need to study the first year intensively and enter the main course after learning the necessary skills)
  • Introduce a person in the UK as a guardian. If you are unable to nominate someone in the UK as a guardian, the Peyvand institute will make the necessary arrangements to determine a legal guardian

Required Documents

  • Record of the applicant’s last academic year (For example, if you are currently in the seventh grade, you must upload your sixth-year transcript)
  • Scanning the applicant’s passport (valid for more than two years)
  • Parental consent
  • Photo
How are English language courses in the UK?

Various schools in the UK prepare international students for their favorite courses and majors. Language courses last from 3 to 9 months and help students with listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills, focusing on students' strengths and weaknesses in English. These courses also introduce students to English terms to help them adapt more quickly and easily to the UK education system. These schools offer English language courses from beginner to advance for all language learners ages 8 to 17. Applicants can travel to the UK to learn the language and take these classes.

Who is eligible to study English in the UK?

English language courses are suitable for those who intend to study A-level or Foundation courses in the United Kingdom. These courses are usually 20 hours per week (full time), and each session takes 45 minutes. The student's English language level is determined at the beginning of the course. The class level will be determined based on this test. The student can use the school's modern facilities such as the library and participate in extracurricular activities, such as participation in sports and art.

What are the advantages of English language courses?

Increase grammar and comprehension skills
Advance English pronunciation skills
Increase skills in speaking and writing
Improve skills in writing English texts
Increase and enhance skills in the field of study and education without relying on others
Enhance skills in participating in projects and group activities
Learn how to submit different articles in English

Application Form